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Mapping of the European and international landscape

Note to the user:


Once you have registered into the AstRoMap database you will be proposed to provide additional input about your experience and interest. This optional part is intended to complement the information gathered on your public profile and will allow us to map the European astrobiology and planetary exploration landscape.


Please note that only the information provided in the database will be public. All information you will enter in the "Mapping of the European and international landscape" will NOT be made publicly available.

About the AstRoMap Database:


This platform will allow you to create your specific research profile, including your expertise, interests and methods.

The AstRoMap database is intended to be a unique tool for the benefit of the research community. It has been structured in order to register detailed profiles and to perform targeted search for specific expertise or potential research partners.

Besides the networking aspect, the information collected will be synthesised and integrated in a report about the European scientific and technical capacity and strengths in research on Astrobiology and planetary exploration.


About profiling/register into database:


You are approaching the experts register form. The Following form will allow you to register your interest on the field as a detailed targeted form very easy to complete. Allow 10-15 minutes to complete your profile, if you need more time, you can come back and update or finalise your information.