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The Project

AstRoMap is supported by the European Commission under FP7. This project is implemented by a consortium of five partners (INTA-CAB, B-USOC, DLR, ESF and INAF). The project intends to provide a networking and foresight platform for the European scientific community involved or interested in astrobiology and planetary exploration research.


To achieve its overall objective of strengthening the coordination on the European landscape, the project will organise expert workshops and community consultations to support the identification and integration of scientific priorities. Furthermore, the project also intends to develop an accurate mapping of the European scientific landscape in the fields of astrobiology and planetary exploration, considering the expertise, the infrastructures but also education aspects. This will allow a snapshot of the European strengths on the international scene.


With this website, AstRoMap also intends to facilitate the exchange of information and opportunities; you can submit and browse information that is relevant to your work and community (events, funding or job opportunities). It includes a unique database of scientists and engineers with full research profiles and scientific interest, as a truly collaborative facility, this database allows searching specific expertise or potential research collaborators.


This website is there to serve the scientific community, do not hesitate to contact the office for any query or suggestion.



! Astrobiology Community consultation !

In its roadmap exercise, the AstRoMap project needs to connect with the research community. One of its main activity is to organise a community consultation.

AstRoMap Database of researchers

This platform will allow us to create a specific expertise database on research partners, information on research projects or on the research capacity available in Europe and beyond in the field of Astrobiology.
Study of the origin, evolution and distribution of life in the context of cosmic evolution.
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